Sacred Geometry Crystal Healing


Sacred geometry shapes and symbols are the “unseen” energetic fabric of access to the higher planes of awareness.  They are doorways of energy through which we awaken to new ways of seeing ourselves, our world, and the nature of reality.  It is, as if suddenly, we have received a new pair of glasses — and life is in a new focus and perspective.  While more complex than this in many ways, you can think of sacred geometry as providing a key to a new “room of awareness.”  Every key is a different shape and the pattern is specific to a particular doorway.

In this session Sacred Geometry Crystals are used to spark soul awakening and reflect the next doorway of passage for your soul.  These sessions can and usually do result in Crystal DNA activations or Soul DNA Activations within your being.

90 Minute Session (includes a feedback session at the end of your healing).