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Soul Connection

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Our purpose for creating Soul Connection is to provide a global platform of ascension and spiritual teachings, understandings, meditations, healing modalities, tools and techniques that can be used by anyone in any time, space, dimension to assist them along their path to Ascension and Self-Mastery in order to achieve Ascension. 

This is an online haven where you can discover more about yourself and your Being! 


Kim Morris


Kim Morris is the director and founder of Soul Connection. Soul Connection was founded in 2003 and is Kim’s Alternative Therapies Centre and School of Higher Learning. 

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kim is a teacher and student of higher learning and serves as a facilitator who offers you 20 years (2017) of her experience. She refers to herself as a “Facilitator” and not as a healer because she knows that although she facilitates the healing that takes place, the people who come to see her actually choose to heal themselves. Every method of healing that she extends to you as a service is a method Kim has used to heal herself along her path. Kim aims to empower individuals to come into their Highest Potential as unique and Sacred Beings through ascension workshops, life-skill courses and personal consultations. 

Kim is an Akashic Record Reader, a Regression Therapist, a Channel, a Lightarian Reiki Master, a Soul Retrieval Therapist, a Spiritual Counsellor / Therapist, a Crystal Therapist, a Hospice Counsellor, a Sacred Geometry Crystal Therapist and a Light Language Channel. Her methods have assisted people to regain their power, reclaim and find their inner strength and belief in themselves, resolve relationship issues and problems, and deal with life and career problems in general. Through the use of regression therapy she has watched people free and heal themselves from physical illnesses such as brain tumors, heart problems, joint immobility, fibroids and deafness. 

Kim is currently registered with the African National Healers Association in South Africa – Registration Number 000 10437/009.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, a Diploma in Vibrational Health Sciences, a Diploma in Astrology and is a NLP Practitioner (Associate).  The eternal student, Kim has gained vast experience in a number of modalities, which enables her to successfully support individuals and groups holistically. Her personal journey of growth and soul development have also equipped her to be able to relate to a number of issues on a very deep level, therefore enabling her to offer the much needed support and understanding required by her clients. 

Kim offers you the opportunity to experience profound inner work on her courses and workshops as well as the opportunity to add new techniques to your existing healing practice or to simply learn new life understanding and skills.


My Mission

My mission is to assist as many souls as possible to awaken to the truth of who they are.  To provide meditations, programs, services and information that assist souls to understand, balance and clear their personal, ancestral, family or collective karma.

My Vision

Being passionate about spiritual knowledge, teachings, our journey as souls and how that impacts us as 3rd dimensional beings, my vision is to champion others to grow by providing teachings, understandings and tools that enhance the quality of a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life with solutions that are both life changing and life enhancing.

My Qualifications

  • Traditional Doctor – T/Dr. – African National Healers Association – Registration Number: 000 10437/009;
  • Bachelor Degree In Metaphysical Sciences – B.Msc.
  • Diploma In Vibrational Health Sciences;
  • Diploma In Astrology;
  • NLP Practitioner (Associate);
  • Hospice Counsellor;
  • Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master and Teacher.
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