Gateway Healing Modalities.

The Gateway Healings are used to assist you on your path of growth and ascension. We are all on a path of ascension and it is just a matter of deciding when this will occur for you. There are 6 different Gateway Healings and it is your God Presence who communicates which Gateway Healing will best serve you during one of these sessions. A session will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the work that needs to be done) and costs R250. The 6 different Gateway Healings that I offer to you are as follows:
  • The Diamond Gateway This Gateway works with the Lightbody Temple of the Soul and assists soul aspects and extensions to release, heal and merge back into the one heart of Mother/Father God. With your permission, I access the Temple within your Lightbody and assist you to release and heal the issues that you have within your life that hold your back or block your path of ascension.

  • Halo Gateway / Soul Travel Gateway This is a guided journey to connect you with the Masters that are currently working with you at this time. The Masters will take you on a journey, which I will guide you through, into the higher dimensions and realms. Each of these journeys opens up a pathway of light into the realms that you travel too, which means that should you wish to travel there by yourself in the future, you merely just need to tune into that realms and you will be there instantly. The purpose of journeying into the higher dimensions and realms is to access your higher wisdom, your higher work that you have agreed to bring forth in this lifetime and to receive healing of the higher aspects of yourself.

  • Golden Solar Disc / Silver Lunar Disc Gateway - This is a guided journey that assists in the dissolving of karmic ties and issues between families members. You will travel with your family in soul/spirit form to the original events that caused the karmic ties to exist between all of you and you will then be assisted to heal, release and dissolve these ties.

  • Soul Gateway - This Gateway Healing accesses your soul, your soul lineage, your soul gifts and your higher-self aspects. This process is also used to shift the wounds that are help by a soul, in particular the original wound of a soul.

  • Galactic Gateway This Gateway Healing assists in the releasing of unconscious memories and unconscious, unintegrated aspects and extensions. This process is extremely useful for releasing self-sabotaging tendencies.

  • White-Silver Circle Of Light Gateway This Gateway Healing is used to access a beings original source home, your divine blueprint, your divine plan, your mission and your evolution path and initiations. This process also gives you knowledge of your spiritual lineage and can be used is used to heal/repair your divine blueprint.
Healing Modalities.

A journey into Consciousness starts with a decision to discover yourself. It is a gentle step in response to the whispered prayer from your Soul. I offer: Past and Current Life Regression Therapy (a variety of methods), Axiatonal Alignment using the Christ Consciousness Grid (used to balance the flow of energy within your energy body system), Lightarian Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Crystal Healing, and Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing to assist you with your journey.

For Regression Sessions the price is R300. All other sessions cost R250. You can contact me on 082-653-8419 for further details and for bookings.

Archangel Healings.

This is a brief description as to what this healing session entails: We will be working with each of your chakras. For each chakra, the appropriate Archangels will be called on to assist with the balancing of that chakra, the retrieval and anchoring of any missing soul fragments from that chakra and the anchoring in of the appropriate ray qualities and colours for that chakra. The appropriate Crystals and Ray Oils for each chakra will be used throughout this session. To complete this session we will ask Archangel Michael to cut and release all etheric cords.

The healing session lasts approximately 90 minutes and costs R250. If you are interested please contact me on 082-653-8419 or via email at kim@soulconnection.co.za for further details.