About us
Kim Morris is the director and founder of Soul Connection. Soul Connection is Kim’s Alternative Therapies Centre And School of Higher Learning.

Kim is a teacher and student of Higher learning and serves as a facilitator who offers you 10 years (2006) of her experience. She refers to herself as a “Facilitator” and not as a healer because she knows that although she facilitates the healing that takes place, the people who come to see her actually choose to heal themselves. Every method of healing that she extends to you as a service is a method Kim has used to heal herself along her path. Kim aims to empower individuals to come into their Highest Potential as unique and sacred Beings through ascension workshops, life-skill courses and personal consultations.

Kim is a Lightarian Reiki Master, a Regression Therapist, A Spiritual Counsellor / Therapist, A Massage Therapist and a Crystal Healer. Her methods have assisted people to regain their power, reclaim and find their inner strength and belief in themselves, resolve relationship issues and problems, and deal with life and career problems in general. Through the use of regression therapy she has watched people free and heal themselves from physical illnesses such as heart problems, joint immobility, fibroids and deafness.

Kim has gained vast experience in a number of modalities, which enables her to successfully support individuals and groups holistically. Her personal journey of growth and soul development have also equipped her to be able to relate to a number of issues on a very deep level, therefore enabling her to offer the much needed support and understanding required by her clients.

Kim offers you the opportunity to experience profound inner work on her courses and workshops as well as the opportunity to add new techniques to your existing healing practice or to simply learn new life skills.

Kim is currently also teaching Vibrational Healing Courses at the Institute of Natural Health in Modderfontein.

Hypnotherapist and Life Skills Coach;

Past and Current Life Regression Therapy (using a variety of methods);

Axiatonal Alignment using the Christ Consciousness Grid (used to balance the flow of energy within your energy body system);

Lightarian Reiki;

Archangel Healing (using the 7 Rays to release, cleanse and balance the chakras);

Soul Fragment Retrieval and Etheric Cord Cutting;

Crystal Healing;

Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing.

The 12 Prisms Of Light – Merging With Your 12 Higher Selves Of The Light Program

Vibrational Healing Workshops;

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Workshops;

Reiki Master Workshops;

Lightarian Angellinks;

Lightarian Reiki Attunements;

Lightarian Ray Attunements;

Healing With Crystals Workshops.

Kim is located in Randpark Ridge Ext. 41, Johannesburg (South Africa) and teaches and consults in the Gauteng Region. If you would like Kim to visit your area please contact her personally. For all information on Kim’s itinerary and to make bookings please go to our workshop page or e-mail us with your request kim@soulconnection.co.za